Fashion Filmmaking with Lorraine Millonig

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September 30, 2017

Lorraine is an intriguing subject, fit for both photography and filming. Her confident movements make any piece of clothing appear great. The work involved staging composition, lighting orientation and also filmmaking trials. I needed to find the right light that balanced her natural tones and contrasted her outfit in the available surroundings.

After a Booster Magazine photoshooting, she changed into a more urban natural outfit.

We set to work with Sebastian Cepeda of Viven GmbH.

Pascal directing the shooting

The lighting was a challenge, we had to take our mobile portrait set around a little bit till we found a lighting that was really supporting of Lorraine's look. Once we set the lighting right, we got straight to work. Below is a gif of Pascal doing some commercial filming for Booster Magazine.

Commercial filming in Zürich

The session was pretty entertaining! The shooting was organised, and we know how much Lorraine loves to see some previews!

Lorraine and Pascal looking into the Nikon preview of the photoshooting!

Lorraine had this to say!

I've know Pascal for about one year now and I really like to work with him. He‘s a very ambitious person and he loves what he does. The results of his work says everything. Our ideas and imagination of a shooting are always matching, so the vibes are always good and funny at work with him.

Click here to see the portfolio photos of Lorraine Millonig in our shooting!

Stay tuned for more :-)

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September 27, 2018
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