Broadcast your event and message live to your audience

With our adjacent company Livestream Agentur GmbH, we help you broadcast directly to your audience. Webinars, press conferences, presentations, briefings, sales meetings and more.


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Live coverage and streaming straight to your audience

Is your organisation a part of a live event? Is there a live press conference that you would like to share with your audience? I would be more than happy to set up the scene, and environment, so that your message gets delivered to your audience.

You only get one chance with live coverage, and your production deserves the right kind of expertise to handle this efficiently and effectively according to your budget.

Let's discuss your next live coverage session. I look forward to hearing from you.

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Schweiz Zurich Fotograf portrait photography corporate photography pascal wasinger

Book a Live Coverage and Streaming Session in Zürich

Live coverage and streaming requires some preparation for us both. When we isolate the reasons behind the coverage, we can better determine what our approach should be. I do my best to match the live streaming project in accordance with your budget.

Please note to request a making-of video, they will be made upon request. Get in touch with me on the form below!