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Every project involves people, and we enjoy connecting with them. Together, we create your vision. From sets to post-production, we bring that vision to life.

With more than 18 years of experience in the photography, film, and production industries in Switzerland, we are here to bring you closer to your vision and realise that passion you have for life.

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Top brands need top production talent. contentstudio. delivers commercial videos that appeals to corporate companies and is very attractive for business people. Commercial video productions are our specialty and we’ll deliver a professional video you’ll want to show off.

Portrait Photography

We offer professional, emotional and beautiful portrait photography. Wether it be for corporate or commercial use, we deliver flawless portrait photos, suitable for your brand and your corporate identity.

Fashion Photography

Fashion photography uses contrast lighting and carries with it a dramatic feeling. Style, elegance, and flair is captured in these photos for top brands.

Mood Photography

Mood photography is the practise of capturing feeling and illustrating the mood, energy, and vibrance of models. Often requested by models, and production agencies and companies, mood photography captures feeling and experiences.

Event Photography

Event photography helps capture the moment, action and drama of a picture’s story. If you want to highlight parts of the event this service is perfect for your desires. Take a look at our previous event photography pictures to get inspired. 

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Schweiz Zurich Fotograf portrait photography corporate photography pascal wasinger