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Your brand needs photos that convey its message and style to an audience that understands it. You choose the style, and model and I'll put my camera into action and shoot photos you will love!

For several years I've worked alongside brands to express their product's message and I look forward to exposing your brand in the highest possible quality. Get in touch below!

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Let's get started today! Choose some outfits, let's have a chat and figure out how you want your model to express your brand. What does your brand mean? Should we make a commercial too with the model going through the city with your outfit? Let's learn more about your needs. With your fashion photography shooting, you'll get: 

Makeup and modelling consultation
Studio setup and lighting arrangement
Image post-processing

Please note to request a commercial. It will be filmed in the mood photography style. A fashion commercial will be made upon request.


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Schweiz Zurich Fotograf portrait photography corporate photography pascal wasinger