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Musicians have a lot to share and express in their music. Let's collaborate!

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Photography & Filming Services for Musicians

Musicians have an influential and infectious nature as they share their love and passion for music, coupled with photography and the filmmaking services I offer, we can accelerate your momentum in the music industry with high quality photos, portraits and music videos.

I have worked with hip hop artists, jazz musicians, singers, and classical and orthodox musicians from around the world. The drive and passion musicians have for their art matches my own!

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Schweiz Zurich Fotograf portrait photography corporate photography pascal wasinger

Book a Musicians Photography Session in Zürich

Whether you are a seasoned musician or a new entrant, you can count on professional consulting and advice in the creation of your image and videos. After you've made contact, we'll meet up to discuss what music you produce, and the videos you want to share with your fans. Then it's all lights, camera, and action! With the session you can expect:

Makeup and modelling consultation
Studio setup and lighting arrangement
Image post-processing

Please note to request a making-of video, they will be made upon request. Get in touch with me on the form below!


Included Services

- Discussion round and consultation
- Posing tips and portrait coaching
- Professional studio equipment such as flash units and diverse backgrounds.
- Photo selection after the session.
- Photo editing to improve color, contrast and to crop them for your use.
- Photo retouching (light skin retouching, removing skin blemishes).
- Pictures in full resolution, including formats optimised for social media.


+ Additional photos including retouching | CHF 35.
+ Additional people in group photo sessions | CHF 50.
+ Make-up Artist upon request.
+ Behind the scenes video of the shooting on request.
+ Photo printing on request.

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